• The mission of the Gift for Life Foundation is to involve citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as non-citizens, in providing opportunities to orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children both locally and internationally.
  • The children we are working with have great personalities, and many hidden skills and talents.
  • Our focus is on helping to develop those skills and talents.
  • Our vision is to address the  needs of children with real resources from volunteers and donors.
  • We’re not trying to “fix” anything, nor  to “save” anything.
  • The orphanage homes we are working with, consist of children who are starved for love and affection – they are deprived of real parental love. They may not need us for survival.

  • However, as humanitarians we still want to experience that joy of putting smiles on their little faces. We want to extend our arms to serve them selflessly – fulfill their educational, physical and emotional needs.

  • Our foundation revolves around our volunteer program – people serving people.
  • This isn’t a program about a “money problem”, where lots of money would solve something we’re trying to fix. But money is important in the work we are doing and donors have a very important role in serving through their financial donations.
  • We are committed to involve all people who want to make a difference. People of all ages and backgrounds can make a difference.
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