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Proof of Registration Under the Companies Act 1995 : Company Incorporation No. G 2407(95) : July 2009

What is The Gift For Life Foundation or GFLF ?

The Gift For Life Foundation is a  registered, non-profit, charitable organisation. The purpose is to assist underprivileged children at Children’s Homes  and  in needy communities in providing a traditional family living environment  and to guide them in their Education.

Mailing Address: #35 Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

  • Telephone Contacts: 672 – 5157 ( office)
  • Some of  Gift For Life Foundation’s  Executive Members
    1.  Director : Nigel Koorarsingh  – Business Consultant
    2.  Secretary : Asha Rickhi – Retired SEA Teacher & Consultant
    3. Treasurer : Sunita Gobin – Librarian,University of Trinidad &  Tobago

 Capacity of Gift For Life Foundation  to carry out  Projects

  • The Nature of Gift For Life Foundation

The Gift For Life Foundation is registered, non- profit and charitable organization which aims to put smiles on the faces of underprivileged children at Children’s Homes and in needy communities in our nation on a monthly basis and also guide them in their Education.

GIFT FOR LIFE FOUNDATION ( GFLF) is not in any way affiliated with any specific  Home. It does  not  raise funds on behalf of any Home.

The children at  many of the Homes have opened their hearts  to GFLF  indicating that the public only remembers them at Christmas time and maybe on special occasions , but all during the year they are forgotten .One child said,” people think that we are animals in a zoo.They come once a year to visit us and bring garbage bags of tattered clothing. We don’t see then until the next year same time.”

These children are starved for love and affection. Their physical needs may provided for but many yearn for love and attention – and to feel  more special all year round. Thus, the GFLF reaches out to a minimum of three Children’s Homes  on a  monthly basis .The aim of this huge effort is to build on the children’s self esteem and social interaction skills.

Some Testimonials





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Description of  some Projects Implemented by Gift For Life Foundation in the last from 2009 – 2011

Description of  Projects :

  1. Donated the much needed brand new double decker beds with mattresses for the boys’ room of Kistow Home
  2. Arrange for students from the University  to assist the Homes
  3. Donated groceries ,food /meals,snacks ,medical supplies etc on a monthly basis to the Homes
  4. Donated  much needed  school  supplies  to the Homes on monthly basis
  5. Donated brand new clothing ,shoes ,bed sheets and towels   to the  more deserving Homes on a continued basis
  6. Sent Tutors to assist   Children’s Homes at different locations ( east – west corridor, south and central Trinidad) with their education on  monthly basis
  7. Arranged Pool Parties just for Children  of Homes  and treat them in a most special manner – building on their self esteem & social interaction skills
  8. Arranged for the re –construction of a Sewer System at the Kistow   Home –  a major project to assist in the Home’s proper Hygenie.
  9. Arranged for jobs for the boys and girls over 18 yrs of age at many Homes. Helped  these  children to get decent jobs – trained them in Computer Literacy to be fit for the jobs.
  10. Taken out and sponsored children out of the  Homes to the Malls –  Gulf City Trincity etc for the day – provided meals, snacks, drinks, gifts, transport
  11. Provided unique framed  photos with  each child  sitting on Santa Claus – during Christmas Time – when the Foundation  took them to Gulf City Mall – courtesy GFLF – this will be a life   long memory for these underprivileged  children
  12. Taken at least 12  Homes  to Debe Fun & Splash Water Park ,and Harry’s Water Park on different occasions  and financed them  for the  entire day – transport ,meals,tickets,snacks , water , etc.
  13. Taken the time out to give brand new gifts, meals,cheer  etc and take Santa Claus to the Homes on Christmas Day
  14. Taken the time off to  show  children love and affection on Valentine’s Day – by bringing chocolates, gifts , flowers etc  for them ,Easter , Divali , Eid, Christmas and other major festivals
  15. Visited  the children during the school vacation and arrange summer camps and fun activities for them  .
  16. Help our older children to get decent jobs – trained them in Computer Literacy to be fit for the jobs.
  17. Taken over 7 Children’s Homes   to see children’s movies at the  TrincityMall
  18. Arranged Educational Tours for our Children – Trip To Tobago -2009
  19. Invited over 20 Children’s Homes  to  Dinners and allow  Children to go on stage to perform and display their Hidden Talents  .Venues of the past Dinners- Centre Of Excellence, Centre Pointe Mall, Divali Nagar.
  20. Arranged Sports Days For Children’s Homes and arranged for needy  children to go and take part and feel special
  21. Send Tutors to assist our  children with their education
  22. Arranged Dental Clinics for 7 Homes and assisted them  with their dental needs.
  23. Taken the time off to spend the day with  children from Homes – Football/meals .
  24. Obtained police permission for  a Car Raffle to raise funds to assist underprivileged children with their Educational needs.

Funding mechanisms for Gift For Life Foundation

  1. Annual Charity Dinners – at Centre of Excellence /Centre Pointe Mall
  2. Lunch sales / sponsor a meal
  3. Raffles
  4. Donations from members  of GFLF  and the public minority


 Q: Is The Gift For Life Foundation linked to any other organisation?

A: The Gift For Life Foundation is not in any way linked to any other organisation. It is purely Humanitarian. All Fund-Raising and Humanitarian work done is totally independent of all other groups. Humanitarian assistance, by Gift For Life Foundation, to the underprivileged children in our country is done solely on behalf of Gift For Life Foundation and not on behalf of  any other organisation to which some of our members also belong.

Q: Is The Gift For Life Foundation connected to any specific children’s home?

A: The Gift For Life Foundation is not in any way affiliated with any specific Home, nor does it raise funds on behalf of any specific orphanage. It  aims to put smiles on the  faces of underprivileged children wherever the  need is greatest.  A minimum of three  Children’s Homes are reached out to on a  monthly basis.

Event Coordinators – Contact : 734-0796 /784-4109/741-8103/716-4612 /787-8387

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