For over 2000 underprivileged children living in squatter areas, poor families and orphanages in Trinidad and Tobago, Gift for Life Foundation is an expression of love as it continued on its yearly Christmas drive to share gifts of love, time, joy and excitement to gleeful little faces.

Through the amazing support and donations from members, friends and the public, GFLF once again embarked on its yearly drive touching Children’s Homes across the county from early Christmas morning until December 28th 2019.

Trucks loaded with Christmas gifts, cakes, apples and hampers containing stationery packs, essential foods, goodies and toiletries were driving across the country on Christmas and Boxing day, pouring joy and delight to these needy children. To escort the motorcade and to compliment the excitement of Christmas Day was a huge Music Truck with Santa Claus.


Spreading the cheer of Christmas

On Christmas Day 2019, over 20 -25 vehicles with friends and members drove far and wide, from Central Trinidad to the East West Corridor, spreading the cheer of Christmas to the needy and underprivileged children at Children’s Homes.

At each Home, the motorcade and all were met with excited cries, joyful smiles and songs of praise as the gifts and goodies were handed out to the children. “You wouldn’t believe the difference this has made in the lives of some of the children,” said one of the caregivers at a Children’s Home in central Trinidad.

 “Yet you have sacrificed your Christmas Day to make our children feel part of the Christmas Family, which is what Christmas is all about.”

“For some of them this was the only gift they received on Christmas Day. Yes, the children know that you all have many homes and underprivileged families to visit today, and you are not able to spend long hours with them as you usually do on a monthly basis. Yet you have sacrificed your Christmas Day to make our children feel part of the Christmas Family, which is what Christmas is all about. It means the world to them to see you here today with Santa Claus. You danced, hugged and cheered the children and this act is truly unbelievable. Today you have given us your time, love and have shared the love and joy of Christmas to the needy who do not usually get the chance to share in the festivities. You always help our children to take their mind away from any problems and sadness and you always make our children feel really special, and we are indeed very grateful.” said another administration staff at a children’s home in East Trinidad.


Christmas – A Time of Sharing

GFLF motorcade teaches children generosity through the active participation in choosing and sharing their personalized gifts with other children they live with at the home.

“Christmas is a time of generosity and sharing for us. It can be sharing or giving our own Christmas time and enjoying the camaraderie of the day with children who have no one to call their own. It all adds to the wonder of Christmas, and we are never poorer for doing it.” said Ms. Nalini Ragoonanan (PRO).

For GFLF members, the true meaning of Christmas means the sharing of themselves with others who need our help. It means reviving the old traditions that they have formed over the years with children and promoting and participating in the magic and wonder that children find in Christmas.


Tears Swelling Up

It is a time of love and generosity. “Within GFLF, there is a culture of instant gratification when children reward us with a happy, excited and smiley face”, said Mr. Shahid, one of our international volunteers.

He expressed that tears swelled up in his eyes when one of the kids looked at his gift of a remote-control car and excitedly shouted, ‘weeeeeeeeeee’.


We Need You!

Gift For Life Foundation needs you to join hands to make a difference in Trinidad and Tobago. Volunteer your selfless service and become a part of this unique family.

For further details contact our office at 672-5157, 734- 0796, 709- 0394 or 475-5090. Or email:

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