Children are very sensitive to occasions. They “know” that Valentine’s Day is about boyfriend and girlfriend going out for dinner or spending time together. Gift For Life Foundation (GFLF) wanted to clear such misconceptions in the minds of the children and for them to realize that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by everyone.

Thus, in creating opportunities for children to become independent and confident, as well as to improve on their interpersonal skills, GFLF decided to foster children from 10 homes to an evening out for dinner at Yuke Restaurant, Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville. Children were able to to experience the love and warmth on that special day which helped strengthen their sense of community, appreciation and co-operation with fellow citizens.

This sweet celebration, which happens every year on February 14, is all about spreading the love. Gift For Life Foundation (GFLF) and children celebrated Valentine’s Day with a sumptuous dinner, gifts and goodies. Members celebrated love and friendship with these children by showing how much they care. Miss Shaks Ragoonanan said “This year, Valentine’s Day is extremely touching and more special than the other years because some of our children made thank-you cards and distributed them during the event. Through the hand-made cards, the children were able to capture their love and appreciation to Gift For Life Foundation. For me, I think this was the most thoughtful gift.”

Please join us for upcoming events. Most importantly, Gift for Life Foundation is raising funds to start the construction of a tuition centre through a Grand Raffle approved by The Commissioner of Police which will be drawn on Saturday 30th June, 2018. In order to continue our humanitarian work, we will be most grateful if you can lend a supporting hand by purchasing or selling raffle booklets/chits amongst your employees, friends and relatives. You can contact Ms. Ragoonanan at 475-5090 or email for further details.


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