A sense of belonging is what one of the children from ‘Gift for Life’s Annual Dental Clinic & Pool Party commented on how she felt when it was time to depart on Mother’s Day.

1. Children were made to feel so special that they forget they belong to an Orphanage/ Home.

2. Children from the Homes became more aware that they have the Gift for Life Family and lots of mothers and aunties.

3. Children had fun in a traditional House setting, mixing with brothers & sisters from different Children’s Homes where Gift for life members provide parental love and affection.

4. Children got their annual dental check-ups by various dentists.


A Mother’s Day Sacrifice

Members of the GFLF again sacrificed their mother’s day to bring smiles on the faces of these underprivileged children. The foundation believes that children deserve to be treated with
respect, kindness and love.

Mother’s Day is usually a very emotional day for these children from the various Children’s Homes. Our main objective on this day is to fill the void that lies in their hearts. It was a day filled with fun, games and excitement.


A Day of Celebration

The day was celebrated with a Dental Care Clinic, Musical Chairs & A Grand Family Oriented Pool Party with lots of fun and activities with children from 6 Children’s Homes at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Baldeo Maharaj in Central Trinidad.

Members and friends displayed their unconditional love and support to over 175 children from the following Children’s Homes:

  • Angel Michael Hostel for Youths, Chaguanas
  • Florence Wesleyan Foundation, Upper Carapichaima
  • Raffa Boys’ Home, Malabar
  • Raffa Girls’ Home, Malabar
  • Christ Child Convalescent Home for Children, Diego Martin
  • St. Dominic’s Children’s Home, Calvary Hills, Arima


A Word of Thanks

Gift for Life Foundation(GFLF) is committed to meeting the immediate needs of children through selfless love and affection. GFLF sincerely wishes to thank members of the public and the business community for the ongoing selfless support towards our monthly projects for children from the various Children’s Homes. All are invited to join in with the upcoming events.

GFLF looks forward to the continued support of the public especially with its calendar of events for the rest of the year. The children need you!


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