Gift for Life Foundation’s (GFLF) Annual Sports & Family Day is a chance for underprivileged
children to showcase their sporting prowess, learn important lessons about competition and enjoy
a happy, healthy dose of fresh air in the company of GFLF members and children from 18
different Children’s Homes..

The spirit of friendly competition came alive at the Pierre Road Recreation Grounds on
Sunday 19 th August, 2018.  Over 300 children participated in a wide range of sports events,
cheered on their teammates and learnt valuable lessons in sportsmanship.  Everyone’s a winner
at the GFLF all-day activity, with children guaranteed to win medals and trophies for their efforts.

Events chosen were fun, safe and easy to participate in successfully.  Some creative events were
eating relays, island hop, maxi taxi race, teamwork games, ski races, sack race and tug-o-war.
Children learnt about the extra enjoyment that competition can bring to a game. They were able
to build positive associations with outdoor games and competition

Many of the children commented that “this was the best Sports Day ever”. One of the Caregivers,
Ms. Cynthia also commented, “it is one of the most competitive Sports Day she had

The day was made extra special by the fantastic participation of the Caregivers
races, both males and females, and the effort and enthusiasm shown by the children.
It was lovely to see the children being competitive and determined but also showing great
encouragement and sportsmanship towards each other throughout the events.

Congratulations to the ‘Angel Michael Hostel for Boys & Girls’ on winning the Sports Day Challenge Trophy, but
congratulations to all the children from all the various Children’s Homes for participating and
being a winner.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the generous sponsors and supporters. GFLF
wishes to invite all to the Annual Dinner & Concert on Sunday 28th October, 2018 at Centre of
Excellence. Kindly call 475-5090 for tickets or for further details or email 


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