Gift for life Foundation public relations officer, Lakshmi Ragoonanan stressed that we must remember that siblings need to be placed together or have as many visits as possible. There are many sad cases in Trinidad where siblings are separated after losing their parents. According to Ms Ragoonanan, this arises due to the specific needs of the siblings or sometimes brothers go to homes for boys and the sisters end up in homes for girls.


What happens when siblings can’t be placed together?

More effort has to be made to place siblings in the same guardianship or Children’s Home. But what happens when siblings can’t be placed together?

It is painful for sisters and brothers to be deprived of parents and now to be pulled away from each other. Siblings can provide comfort and strength during a traumatic time.

This is why such a strong emphasis has to be placed on making sure siblings stick together in foster care.


Three siblings meet their baby brother for the first time

Four siblings had been separated – three were placed at Christ Child Convalescent Home, Diego Martin and their baby brother went to the Casa de Corazon Home,Sangre Grande….in the other end of Trinidad. Three siblings were in tears as they met their baby brother for the first time since their separation.

This tearful, heartwarming moment took place at a Gift For Life Foundation event in south Trinidad, hosted and sponsored by Sunita and Shaun Ramlogan at their home in Rio Claro. Sunita Persad voiced that the children missed that connection that only comes when siblings are together.

This was the first time the four of them had been in the same place since that fateful day when abandonment separated them. Any pain from that period has been replaced with the joy of being reunited.

They thanked God for keeping them alive and making it possible for the four of them to share this very precious time. Words can’t describe how wonderful this moment was.

They held their baby brother once again and felt the love that only siblings can share, whilst Sunita and Shaun, as well as the Gift For Life members, cried as they looked on.



Below are photos of the The March/April 2017 TREE PLANTING ACTIVITY

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