Gift For Life Foundation (GFLF) strongly believes that children who are placed in the different children’s homes throughout the country need that extra human touch. The benefits of the human touch to a child’s health are phenomenal. It can reassure, relax and comfort to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and physical pain, also it can be healing as well. Children need to touch and be touched emotionally and psychologically, just like they need food and water. GFLF members believe it is a way of communicating, lifting their spirits and experiencing happiness in their lives. Without it, they sometimes experience sadness, loneliness and isolation. It is important to have this physical contact in children’s lives. Thus on Tuesday 26th July 2016,the children at Ferndean’s Home, Raffa Boys Children’s Home, Raffa Girls Children’s Home, Casa De Corazon, Margaret Kistow Children’s Home, Florence Wesleyan Children’s Home, Angel Michael Hostel, Swaha Children’s Home, Christ Child Convalescent Home and Jaya Lakshmi Children’s Home got up early, packed their clothing, towels and other accessories and were awaiting excitedly for T & T SPIRIT to arrive at Port of Spain ferry terminal.

Gift For Life Foundation escorted the children to Pigeon Point from 11.00 am and the children were all excited to jump in the water immediately! They did not care about having any snacks or drinks as yet – they quickly prayed to begin the day and headed straight to the change rooms to get into their swim clothes. Led by life guards, their care givers and the members of the Gift For Life Foundation, they went straight to the water. The children also enjoyed the beautiful Bucco Reef and the fascinating Nylon Pool.

The Pigeon Point/ Bucco Reef/ Nylon Pool setting provided recreational activities for both adults and children. The children from the different homes indulged in a wide range of mind blowing and adventurous activities. Out of this world experiences included the glass bottom boat and the breath taking swim in the middle of the ocean – Nylon Pool. The children said it was one of the happiest days of their lives.
GFLF was very instrumental in providing an enjoyable and accessible family oriented fun time for children of different ethnic backgrounds, care givers and GFLF members. Everyone was involved in praying, relaxing, eating and engaging in a lot of sport/game activities just like in a traditional/ conventional family setting.

GFLF puts the interests of underprivileged children ahead of its own and demonstrates love in every action. GFLF is proud to play an immense role in rebuilding self esteem, self confidence, interpersonal skills, teaching problem solving/ critical thinking skills and providing opportunities for children to become autonomous in nature. For further information send an email to or please call the office line at 672-5157.

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