The threatening weather never stopped Gift For Life Foundation (GFLF) from continuing its works with children from various Children’s Homes. Vacation period is the perfect time for children to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water.  On Tuesday 30th July, 2019 children were taken to the Fun Splash Water Park, Debe for a water-filled fun day. GFLF expresses heartfelt gratitude to the owner and Director, Mr. Vijay Ramai for allowing the children and caregivers the FREE ACCESS to use the facilities from morning to evening.

The Children were just splashing water, and such water play helped them to improve their balance and strength. Playing in water was a whole new sensory experience for the children and they experimented without worrying about falling or crashing into hard surfaces. The water also added resistance so the water play activities worked as strength training. “It takes more muscle strength to move arms and legs through water then it does through air.” said Ms. Nalini Ragoonanan (PRO) of Gift For Life Foundation.

The Confidence Booster

Water play allowed the children to explore and interact with each other. New experiences and discovering new things within shared spaces offered a great opportunity for social development. As children played, they were excited to communicate their discoveries to everyone around them. This was a confidence booster for those children. Because water play occurred in a limited space with few supplies, children practiced sharing with each other and worked together while engaged in play. There were many opportunities for communication development and social growth during water activities. 

“Bodies of water offered endless opportunities for physical experiments and discoveries. Children got the opportunity to think about concepts like water displacement and volume as they explored in a body of water.” added Ms. Nalini Ragoonanan. 

The Fun Splash Water Park

The Fun Splash Water park was a perfect place for a fun activity and also allowed children the opportunity to practice many valuable skills. Children enjoyed and loved splashing in the Pool and exploring the various slides. A child commented that it was her most thrilling water slide experience she ever had. Children slid at top speeds from the various slides before ending in a mega splash.

GFLF and its hard-working members motivated caregivers and children that it was time to get up, grab swimsuits and head out for the day at the Fun Splash Water Park. GFLF treated all with hearty meals, snacks and drinks for the entire day. Thanks to the kind sponsors who made this possible.

GFLF is continuing its mission and vision for underprivileged throughout Trinidad & Tobago. Our ‘Back to School Drive’ & ‘Mental Awareness Programme’ are ongoing projects  and upcoming Sports & Family Day will be on Sunday 25th August, 2019 at the Pierre Road Recreation Grounds, Charlieville. All are invited. 

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